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Envergure Réunion organises exploration outings into the caves under the volcano, tunnels within the lava. Activities all over the island.
-Discovery Route : accessible to all over the age of 6, observation of the formation of amazing underground caves and landscapes (3 hours). -Classic Route : an outing of 2 km between the high and low sectors of the networks of tunnels to discover galleries of all sizes, chambers, petrified cascades of lava and wells of light (5 hours). -Advanced Route : an exploration of the entire network which covers the narrower and more maze-like 'tunnel de Dimanche' on top of the Classical Route (6 hours). Envergure Réunion also organises outings to the island's most beautiful canyons : Trou Blanc, Fleurs Jaunes, Langevin, Sainte-Suzanne, Takamaka, Dudu, Trou de fer. Activities all over the island for beginners or experienced people. If you need advice, contact us ! Material provided for each activity. Meeting-points : at the sites themselves.

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Volcan (Gîte du)

距离: 12.4 千米

Cana Suc***

距离: 10.2 千米

Cana Suc n°188***

距离: 10.2 千米